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Panama BirdingWe offer the service of professional naturalist guides who are specialized in the observation and natural history of birds.

With Birding in Panama you can get to know the birds of Panama:

---In an ecologically sustainable manner without negative effects to bird habitat. Our groups are never larger than 8 people, we follow the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization, and we select hotels, restaurants, and services that have low environmental impact and high respect for natural resources.

---Through Panamanians. Our guides are local people who will introduce you to other local people, their stories, and their way of life. Bird Watching Panama

---At a modest price. We avoid costs due to intermediaries, and those savings are passed on to you. You may then, if you wish, donate these savings to Panamanian conservation programs and return home with the satisfaction that you have not only visited a new, fascinating place, but you have helped the people and the natural resources of Panama.

Don’t think it anymore; Come and Join us to have an unbelievable adventure birding in Panama.

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You are a guide who combines profound knowledge of birds, exceptional ability to find them, and humane treatment and empathy toward the birds. Thanks, Jacobo, and we hope to return soon to Panama.
Marieta Hernández, Venezuela Audubon Society

I have birded in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador and naturally, in my Venezuela, but I have never had a guide as you--a guide completely determined to find every bird in the area and no matter how long or how much work.
Mary Lou Goodwin, Birding in Venezuela